Chairman’s Note

There is a rising need to destroy an enclosed perception of difficult with new teaching tools and methods. Student fraternity deserves the light of immense support from influential gurus. We identify the urge to create an interesting learning environment for aspirants to develop an effective learning curve, which will elevate their ambitions. 

If you believe that commerce is the stream you want to explore, we support till your career meets your dream. You deserve nothing short of it. We believe that students need more than books, lessons and marks. We know that learning is the key and learning happens when a student is exposed to the best facilities, faculties and friends. We deliver that more consistently and uncompromisingly.

A distinct focus to brain freezes students with in-depth technical knowledge in relevance to sustain and outperform in the reviving commerce sector and drill their intellect from an examination perspective. Initially we establish a teacher student relationship and extend it to a guru- professional relationship. Your explicit belief in us and sparkling hope can create milestones in your career.

Happy Learning at Trisha!

– CA Gopala Krishna Bhat

Our Leaders

CA Gopala Krishna Bhat

He is an entrepreneur, author, teacher, motivational speaker. He is a Chartered accountant, Cost Accountant and an MBA. He is also the founder of Trisha classes and CEO of Siddhanth Learning Solutions Pvt LTD. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of education and has trained more than 60,000 students. Apart from academics, he keeps himself busy in activities like badminton & swimming

Dr. Shridhar

He has been armed with a vision of providing an academic environment that nurtured original thinking and created confident individuals with a sense of responsibility towards society, he, along with Mrs Lalit Sridhar, founded Deeksha, a group of educational institutions. Deeksha pioneered widely acclaimed educational trends including the integrated model of education for board and competitive exams.

Mrs. Namitha G Bhat

She is a trustee in Siddhanth Foundation and the finance head of the whole group. She has more than 16 years of experience in the field of finance as well as administration. She also assists in the overall management & ensures smooth functioning of the institution.

Mr. Ram Prabhu

He is a trustee in Siddhanth Foundation. His prime area of focus in the last couple of years has been in supervising the overall operations of the whole group. He is a man of words and keeps himself involved in planning the best for the students & the institution as a whole.

Our Principals

Prof. Guru Prasad Rao,
Trisha Vidya College of Commerce & Management, Katapadi

Prof. Indu Reethi,
Trisha Vidya Evening College, Katapadi

Prof. Girish Madla,
Trisha College of Commerce & Management, Mangalore

Prof. Suprabha,
Trisha Evening College, Mangalore

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